Outline of expository essays

July 25, 2019

An exposition essay is a form of writing used to inform, explain, instructor or clarify something for the reader. An expository essay is something that exposes whatever the author writes about. It is a clear and focused presentation of a number of facts, and of a process which teaches the reader something. This may be done through the presentation of facts, or may be done through the presentation of definitions. It is also very common for examples to be seen within the expository essay. The exposition essay is not based on emotions; it is a very objective and almost pragmatic type of essay. It would put logic and learning before an emotion or creativity.

Your very first paragraph

The expository essay outline is not as conventional as other essay outlines and also not as rigid. During the first paragraph you must add something that attracts the reader’s attention. Some may call this an introduction however, the expository is one of the few essays that does not necessarily need an introduction. This is because the title will often give away the purpose of the essay. The title will give away the thing that you wish to expose, which is why an introduction is not necessarily needed in this case.

You can grab the reader’s attention by using a question of creating some sort of a word picture. If your title asks a questions, then why not restate the question in sentence form and elaborate upon it. This is what is often comes after the attention grabbing sentence, but do not feel that you are restricted to doing this.

Within the first paragraph you should also give at least one reason or an argument for the writing of your essay. In a sense it is a good idea to justify why you are exposing, and what you are exposing.

The rest of your essay’s body

The rest of your paragraphs should have some sort of transitional sentence at the beginning and at the end, so that you can work seamlessly from one paragraph to the other. Because you are exposing something there is little reason why you should have independent paragraphs. Your paragraph should be able to relate to each other as you go down your essay.

You may add citations to the points behind the paragraphs if you feel that it will justify the points being made. You can add examples if you like, or you can add references. It is a good idea to try and reach some sort of conclusion within each paragraph. This doesn’t have to be a full blown conclusion such as the one you would do the end of an essay. It would just have to give a clear indication that you are wrapping up the point and moving on to the next one.

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